Insight into various kinds and properties of doormats


Whether hygiene of your home is maintained depends upon multiple factors. Accessorizing the living room does not always mean exhibiting those affluent décor items, but also if your home is keeping up the sanitation standards or not. We often hear of curb appeal improvement, but care little about how dirty we leave our floors. The clean condition of your home is as substantial as the appearance. We can do this by placing a classic doormat at the entrance.

Living a social life, we can’t resist the foot-traffic into our home, but of course put a measurement for dirt mitigation. Speaking of it, dirt that we bring in with shoes murders not only the curb appeal, but also violates the hygiene code of our household.The easiest way to remedy is by placing a premium quality doormat. While shifting from one place to another, doormats are amongst those often neglected items that actually happen to serve you sooner or later.  A1HC offers the largest collection of doormats which will surely add a great First Impression to your home and also take care of the hygiene.

Know the diverse material range

Since there is a diverse range of mat materials available, very few give multi-action performance. Some mats are for wicking away the moisture, some have essential properties to dry. While some are made of fibers that are crush-resistant, some are composed to soak the water. At A1HC you can find mats made from a all varieties serving various functions. The Coir Doormat act as an excellent dirt trapper specially to be used outdoors. Indoor/Outdoor Poly mat are used mainly inside  in wet areas like kitchen, bathroom,laundry room etc. Rubber Mats are ideal for indoor/outdoor use specially in uncovered outdoor areas.

At A1HC we make doormat shopping an ease by offering the largest variety for you to chose form. shipped directly to your door. Choose the best doormat that accents your door and also fulfills the very important purpose of Hygiene.

Happy Shopping!