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Rubber 3-Piece Doormat

Rubber 3-Piece Doormat


These stylish and unique doormat makes a perfectly fun addition to any porch, patio area or door. Use these mat to catch dirt as your guests enter your home or as decoration to show off your love of felines. These door mat withstands seasonal changes and can be used outside all year long. These transitional style rubber door mat is the perfect way to spruce up your floors and home decor while maintaining a level of practicality.

  • WHAT IS INCLUDED: 1 Half Round Rubber Doormat 30X48; 1 Rectangle Rubber Doormat 24X36; 1 Rectangle Rubber Doormat 30X48.
  • PURE RUBBER GRILL ENTRANCE MATS: The mats are manufactured using pure rubber and are anti-slip and durable. The back side of the mat is flat and it sticks to the floor and shall not get easily blown.
  • TAPERED EDGE RUBBER GRILL MATS INTRODUCED FOR THE FIRST TIME: For the first time rubber grill mats are offered with tapered edges which eliminates the chances of tripping hence offers more safety. This makes the product unique.
  • PERFECT SIZE AND MORE FUNCTIONAL: 24x36 and 30X48 inches makes a great size and the product more functional. This size fits very well any double or even a single door. Use on a front or back door, patio, in a garage, any other entryway and anywhere there is high traffic from outside. It is also suitable for pool areas and pool bars etc.
  • SUITABLE FOR BOTH EXPOSED AND COVERED AREAS: It can be used in areas completely exposed or under covered areas . These Mats are weather and moisture resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures, hence stopping bacteria from piling up on the surface.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: It has a wrought Iron design and looks extremely elegant .and shall enhance the beauty of your entrance. Your guests will love it. This mat also makes a great gift idea. The grill design is hand cut and may have slight variation. Comes in 3 variations, can be bought single or in sets.

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