5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Happy New Year Everyone! A new year brings an opportunity to refocus on our goals and commitments and create fresh resolutions. Usually we make personal goals and resolutions, but the new year is also a great time to make plans for your home!
The changes you make for your home will be personal to you, but we’ve put together some of our own suggestions to help you get started!

Clear out the clutter

There is something so satisfying about clearing out excess clutter in your home, and there’s no better time to do this than after the holidays when clutter can feel like it’s at an all-time high! Clearing out anything you’re no longer using or enjoying in your home can open up so much physical and mental space.
Decluttering an entire home can feel overwhelming, so rather than tackle it all at once, we recommend putting a plan in place to gradually work your way through. You could commit to decluttering one room per week, for example, or staying on top of clutter by doing a monthly purge.
Anything you’re no longer using can be donated to a local charity or sold (maybe to buy new home décor you actually want!).

Invest in sustainable home goods

Choosing sustainably sourced products for your home means your supporting environmentally friendly and fair-trade practices, all while getting stylish, high quality items for your home.
While sustainable products may come with a slightly higher price tag than conventionally produced items, they are typically a much higher quality, so they’ll last a lot longer and looks and feel better.
Our entire collection of home goods is ethically and sustainably sourced, so you know you’re outfitting your home with quality products that you can feel good about. From our organic bedding to our handmade throw pillows and everything in between, you’ll find a full selection of stylish and sustainable home goods.

Small upgrades, big impact

While many of us dream of major home renovations, it’s amazing what a difference a couple of small changes can have on your home décor. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint, new bed sheets, a cute doormat, or a couple of new accessories (like our popular organic cotton chunky knit throw) can bring a whole new look to your space.


Create a budget for bigger renos

If you are planning on doing some bigger renovations or changes to your home, you can keep things in your budget by creating a plan for the year. Decide what your budget is and then choose the changes you can realistically make this year. It will keep you from overspending but allow you to begin making the upgrades you’ve been looking forward to.

Add some natural touches to your space

Adding in natural elements to your home is very hygge and an affordable (even free!) way to add warmth and style to your space. Boughs on your mantel, fresh flowers, and house plants are just a few ways to add simple natural touches to your home that make a big impact on your home décor.


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