Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s Doormats

Where Do You Ship From?

We package and ship your order as soon as possible. We ship our products from Our warehouse is located in Pinellas Park, FL


Which A1HC products can be used where?

Our coir and rubber doormats, pillows can be used indoors or out seamlessly. Our Velvet Pillows are recommended only for indoor use.


Are all of the outdoor product’s UV Protected?

Yes, all of our outdoor products have been coated with UV Protection and tested under harsh sunlight to ensure they will not fade. We have stringently worked on developing the best protection possible to ensure a long life span for our products.


What is meant by “recycled materials?”

We use recycled materials and manufacturing materials wherever possible to help reduce our carbon footprint. Almost all of our outdoor products are made from recycled plastic materials to help keep plastics out of landfills.


Where are the products made?

The A1HC products are made by skilled artisans in India.


Can I Buy Products Directly from You?

As a manufacturer and wholesale company, we sell directly to retail stores and distributors.


What materials are commonly used in doormats?

Doormats are typically made from a variety of materials, including coir (coconut fiber), rubber, nylon, polyester, and microfiber.


How do I clean my doormat?

Cleaning instructions vary based on the material. Most can be cleaned with a vacuum, broom, or by shaking out loose dirt. Some are also suitable for machine washing. Check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.


Can I use a doormat indoors?

Yes, many doormats are suitable for indoor use. However, some are specifically designed for outdoor use. Be sure to check the product details to ensure it meets your needs.


Are doormats weather-resistant?

Many outdoor doormats are designed to be weather-resistant, but the level of resistance can vary. Check the product specifications to see if it's suitable for your specific weather conditions.


How often should I replace my doormat?

The lifespan of a doormat depends on factors like usage, exposure to weather, and material. Replace your doormat if you notice signs of excessive wear, damage, or if it's no longer effectively trapping dirt.


Are doormats suitable for all types of flooring?

Most doormats are suitable for various flooring types. However, certain materials may have different effects on certain floors. Check with the manufacturer for recommendations, especially for sensitive flooring like hardwood.


How do I prevent my doormat from slipping on my floor?

Some doormats come with non-slip backing. If not, consider using a rug pad underneath to prevent slipping. Ensure the floor and the bottom of the doormat are clean and dry for better grip.


Can I use a doormat for pets?

Yes, there are pet-friendly doormats designed to trap dirt and absorb moisture. Look for mats that are easy to clean and resistant to pet Odors.


FAQ’s Pillows

What is a velvet pillow?

A velvet pillow is a decorative or functional pillow made with velvet fabric. Velvet is a soft, plush, and luxurious material that adds a touch of elegance to pillows.


How do I clean my velvet pillow?

Cleaning instructions may vary based on the specific type of velvet and any additional embellishments. In general, many velvet pillows can be spot cleaned with a mild detergent and a damp cloth. Check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.


Can velvet pillows be machine-washed?

It depends on the specific pillow. Some velvet pillows are machine washable, while others may require more delicate care. Always check the care instructions on the pillow or its tag.


Are velvet pillows suitable for outdoor use?

Velvet is generally not recommended for outdoor use as it may not withstand exposure to the elements well. Velvet pillows are best used indoors in a protected environment.


Do velvet pillows come with removable covers?

Some velvet pillows come with removable covers, while others may be one-piece designs. Removable covers can make cleaning and maintenance easier.


How can I maintain the fluffiness of my velvet pillow?

Fluff your velvet pillow regularly to maintain its shape. Gently pat or shake the pillow to redistribute the filling. Avoid sitting or placing heavy objects on the pillow for extended periods.



Are velvet pillows hypoallergenic?

Velvet itself is not inherently hypoallergenic, but the filling material can contribute to the overall allergy-friendliness. If you have specific allergy concerns, check the product details or choose a pillow with hypoallergenic filling.


Can velvet pillows fade over time?

Velvet is susceptible to fading over time, especially with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. To preserve the color, it's advisable to keep velvet pillows away from harsh sunlight.