5 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home Décor

If you follow our blog, there’s a good chance you, like us, are big into home décor. Browsing through IG décor accounts and checking out the latest Apartment Therapy articles always brings us a flood of inspiration and an urge to redecorate, but this can also come with a pretty hefty price tag.

 While it can be really tempting to make large purchases and big changes to our homes, you can actually make a big impact on your décor simply by making a few small and affordable changes.

In this week’s post, we’re sharing some simple, budget friendly ways to refresh your home décor.

Create your own artwork

Prints and artwork can bring so much color and personality to your space, but they can also be pretty expensive. Rather than spending money on new pieces for your wall, why not try a little DIY! Get creative by painting and framing your own artwork or blow up some of your own photos and print them off for a completely personalized décor touch.


Add in some accent pieces

You don’t need to buy new furniture or do a complete revamp to refresh your space- sometimes a few little accent pieces are all you need.

We carry a variety of sustainably sourced home décor accessories, including our handmade throw pillows, organic cotton throw blankets (this one is a must have!), and eco-friendly rugs and doormats. Just by sprinkling in a few new accessories, you can have a whole new feel to your space.

Repaint your walls

Never underestimate the power of a new paint job! By changing just you wall color, you can completely change the look and feel of your space. This one is definitely a little more of a time investment than our other tips, but depending on the size of your room, it shouldn’t take more than a can or two of paint. For a reasonable price, you can have a major impact on your home and give your space a whole new life.

If you don’t want to paint an entire room, you can also take on a smaller project, such as doing an accent wall, painting your bedroom dresser, or redoing your kitchen cabinets.


Change up your bedding

Since the bed is generally the focal point in a bedroom, you can make a big change to your room simple by switching up your bedding. We carry a wide selection of organic cotton bedsheets in both solid neutrals and prints. If you’re used to a printed bedding set, you can swap for a more neutral look in a solid color, or if you want to add some detail and texture to your décor, try one of our printed sets (our humus print is one of our most popular!).

Rearrange your furniture

Refresh your décor without spending a dime by simply rearranging your furniture. This is a fun way to keep your rooms feeling fresh and new without having to purchase anything at all. If your space is small and has limited room to move furniture, you can even rearrange home accessories, such as swapping your living room rug for a rug in another room, or moving your artwork/throw pillows/vases/etc. from room to room.

 Ready for a mini home décor refresh?