5 Ways to Show Your Home Some Love This Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Show Your Home Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! During this season of love, we thought it would be fun to share a few ways you can show your home a little TLC. It’s amazing how even the smallest things can add so much warmth and love into your home!
Keep reading for five of our favorite ways to show your home a little love.

Buy fresh flowers
There is just something so lovely about having a vase full of fresh flowers in your home- it can brighten up an entire room and just feels like you’re doing something special for yourself and your home.
You can pick up fresh flowers from your local market or grocery store or, if you’re one of the lucky ones who lives somewhere where it’s warm in February, pick some wildflowers. If you want to get more creative, you can even accessorize your home with other types of plants, such as branches, boughs, or pampas grass.

Do a deep clean
Even if cleaning isn’t exactly a fun activity, it can feel so good to give your home a good deep clean every now and then. Show your home some love by spending a day cleaning those spots that you’ve been neglecting, like the baseboards, hard to reach windows, or oven. The results will be well worth the effort!
To make your cleaning feel like less of a chore, we recommend popping on your favorite music or podcast! It’s a great distraction that will help you to actually enjoy your cleaning.


Invest in organic home goods
Buying high quality, organic items for your space not only looks good, but feels good too. Well made products bring a feeling of quality and warmth into the home and will last for years to come. Plus, when you buy organic, you know you’re bringing clean, chemical free products into your home.
At A1, we carry a complete line of high quality and sustainably sourced home goods. From our organic cotton bedding and throw blankets to our hand embroidered decorative pillows and coconut coir doormats, we have you covered.


Try a fun DIY project
Doing a DIY project for your home isn’t just fun, but it adds so much warmth and personality into your space. Plus, it’s often a lot more affordable than buying something new! Depending on your interest and budget, this can be as simple as making a homemade garland for your mantel or framing some family photos, or you can go a little more elaborate, such as refurbishing a piece of furniture.

Do yourself and your home a favor and spend a little time decluttering your space. Going through your closets and cupboards and getting rid of anything you’re no longer using brings a feeling of spaciousness and calm into your home that just can’t be beat! This doesn’t need to be a giant or overwhelming task either- just pick one rom or category at a time and slowly work your way through your home.
You can shop our collection of high quality organic home goods here.

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