Décor Talk with Amanda of @thelittledovehome

Décor Talk with Amanda of @thelittledovehome

Décor Talk with Amanda of @thelittledovehome

This month on Décor Talk, we got the chance to talk to Amanda of @thelittledovehome. We are absolutely enchanted by Amanda’s beautiful home, which looks like its straight out of a fairy tale. Keep ready for her home décor style, tips, and inspiration.

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Hi Amanda! Tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm an RN Care Manager for an inpatient geriatric psych unit. I've been married for 4 years now and our kids are two cats and an Australian Shepherd. We bought our 1912 Craftsman home 1.5 years ago and have been slowly making it our own.

How would you describe your décor style?

Romantic traditional with bohemian touches.

Where does your décor inspo come from?

Elsie de Wolfe is an inspiration to me as one of the first recognized interior designers. She was inspired by light, soft colors, and nature. My favorite colors to decorate with are taupes, roses, and forest greens. I enjoy bringing aspects of the outdoors in, with plants, animal decor, and florals. I'd like to feel as if I were walking through a perpetual Spring when going through my home.

 What are your home décor essentials?
Vintage artwork, flowers (fresh, dried, painted, or on a pattern), flowing curtains, velvet, and a lamp in every corner.

Any décor tips you can share for someone wanted to refresh their space?

Go with what you love, rather than following a quick trend.
Thrift, thrift, thrift!
Quality is important to me. I'd rather save up and spend a little more on something well-made that will last. I prioritize having solid wood items and natural materials.

Describe your perfect Saturday?

Waking up naturally. Coffee cake and croissants for breakfast in the sunshine. Sipping on a hot coffee while reading a book. Some journaling, reminiscing through photo books. Some local shopping in the afternoon and then playing some board games with a glass of wine in the evening.

Any dream home upgrades or renos?

The reno I'm really dreaming about is our kitchen! Hopefully in the next few years we can get started on the gutting. Currently, we're renovating the library and I am ecstatic about how it's coming along!

Amanda has our organic cotton chunky knit throw in stone.

Follow Amanda on Instagram at @thelittledovehome.


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