Décor Talk with Holly of @rustiwildarrow

Décor Talk with Holly of @rustiwildarrow

We have a very special interview on this week’s Décor Talk! We were so excited to get the chance to talk to Holly of @rusticwildarrow. Her house is the epitome of modern farmhouse goals, and she’s here to share her own personal décor tips and inspiration.

 Hi Holly! Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m a small town Michigan girl who has a passion in decor. I’ve always had a love to create, may it be crafts to home DIY projects. My husband, daughter, our rescued dog and I live in our home that we built 4 years ago. I love to add old vintage charm to our new build to give our home more character. 

 How would you describe your décor style? 

My main style would be vintage farmhouse. I love to have a base in a good neutral white then adding warm tones and history on top of that. 

 Where does your décor inspo come from?

All over. So many other amazing talented people out in this world that have such a great eye for design and decor. I love to stock up once a month on some good magazine and take advantage of those rainy days that we have in Michigan. 

 What are your home décor essentials?

Pillows, throws and a good candle. I love to switch up my pillows each season. My tip is to always looks for pillows that have a zipper. Easy to clean and change out the covers so you don’t have to keep buying inserts. A nice cozy throw that can be used for a nice texture touch to your couch or chair. I always try and look for a throw that I can also use for those rainy days I mention above! I always say to tie in a good space is a nice candle. There something about the warm glow and smell that bring in an entire room together. 

 Any décor tips you can share for someone wanted to refresh their space?

Shop your home before you go out and buy. You never know what’s stored in your closet or room that could be key to what you are wanting to refresh a space. Another tip is I always start with a clean slate. Take apart the area you are wanting to refresh, then clean, dust and vacuum if needed. Starting with a clean fresh space will open your mind when refreshing up a space. It will also get you more motivated to refresh the space. 

 Describe your perfect Saturday?

We are on the middle of cooler temps here in Michigan. My perfect Saturday would consist of hitting up our local apple orchard with my family and coming back to relax while possibly working on a DIY and of course ending with a family movie night. 

 Any dream home upgrades or renos?

We are gearing up to finish our walkout (we are on a full finished basement/lower level). I cannot wait to finish that space downstairs and get my hands on some more projects and of course having another level for my family to watch movies in and hang out. I have big plans for that space, and I can’t wait to share! 

 Anything else you’d like to add?

Styling and decorating your home is, in my opinion, always a “trial and error.” Don’t get overwhelmed when styling a space. Start slow and keep stepping back and taking it in. If after a day or so something is still off, try something else by simply moving 1 or 2 things. It’s there, trust me. Give it time, it will all come together. You can turn any type of space may it be an apartment, rental, your first, second or third home into your own cozy space. 

Holly has our organic cotton cable knit throw.

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