Digital Printed Fashion Bedding

Home décor is a vast space which is constantly being reinvented, and nothing compliments it better than digital prints. Your favorite interior designing magazine might tell you that digital prints are the latest fad of the season, but we think otherwise. We have good reason to believe that this isn't just a seasonal fad but is in fact here to stay. Let us tell you why. It's a paradise for shoppers who love customized products. There are endless possible variations to the prints you can have. If you truly believe in the fact that your bedroom should reflect your persona, then digital prints are for you. Whether you go for our Trellis organic duvet set or the Tiffany set, our digital printed fashion bedding affords you the flexibility of augmenting that much needed personal touch. Check out the Humus organic duvet set which comes with beautiful crisp prints and is printed on our signature soft satin fabric. In addition to being 100% GOTS certified, the set includes a cover and two shams which are reversible and feature prints on both sides. This gives you the flexibility to change the look according to your mood.

Additionally, all our digital printed duvets have corner ties which minimize shifting and hidden button closures. Eliminate the chore of ironing as the organic cotton sheets are wrinkle resistant and are also machine washable. With quick drying properties of the material on a tumble dry low setting on your washing machine, clean it as many times you like without the bedsheet losing its original sheen! Our next big reason behind personalized home décor is versatility. The one main fact which is an absolute homerun over traditional home décor is that digital prints lend themselves over any surface seamlessly. Prefer your favorite print on your pillowcase rather than the bedsheet? Check out our Freshet pillowcase pair or the Gracia organic pillowcase set.

These digitally printed shams breathe new life into your bedroom by giving it just a dash of color. By using single-ply, long staple cotton A1HC is able to weave bedding accessories using only 60 or 80 yarn count threads. With 210 TC fine cotton, our digital printed bedding products are light, soft and smooth. Last but not least, these products don’t burn a hole in your pocket. With versatility comes flexibility, and artists can create any style you want without you having to shell out an exorbitant amount of money. In this digitized age of printed décor, you can have that chic finish to your home without having to opt for expensive materials. There you go! Customization, versatility, and cost. Our three big reasons why you should opt for digitally printed fashion bedding and home décor. Integrating digital prints into your home décor is the perfect way to blend your personality with your dwelling. Check out the abstract imagery and bold patterns on your favorite fabrics at A1HC today!