How to Sleep Comfortably on Hot Summer Nights

Summer is in full swing, and while that comes with a lot of good (hello beach days, BBQs, and vacation!), it can also mean hot, sleepless nights. Falling asleep when it’s too hot out can feel nearly impossible and usually results in a lot of tossing, turning, and frustration.


Getting a good sleep in the summer is all about finding ways to stay cool, and to help you do that, we’ve put together some of our favorite tips for staying cool and comfortable on hot summer nights.

Take a cool shower before bed

One of the best ways to cool yourself down and drop your body temperature is to take a cool or lukewarm shower before bed. You can also do a cool foot soak for 10-15 minutes before bed or place cool compresses on your body (applying them to your pulse points like wrists, elbow creases, behind your knees and around your neck will help to cool you down fast!).

Switch up your bedding

If you’re using the same bedding in the summer that you do in the winter, chances are you’re going to feel uncomfortable during at least one of the seasons- heavy blankets may be cozy for the winter, but they’re suffocating in the summer, whereas light bedding may feel cool in the summer but leave you chilly in the cooler months.

Rather than relying on one set of bedding to do it all, switch things up depending on the season. Our summer fill duvets are nice and light, and you’ll still have the comfort of having a duvet but without the excess heat. You can also skip the duvet altogether and simply sleep with a sheet.

Close your curtains during the day

Rather than waiting until night to start cooling your room, you can actually start during the day. By keeping your curtains drawn in your room, you’ll keep the sun from heating the space, and this can have a significant effect on the temperature of the room.

Get a fan

Using a fan (particularly an oscillating fan) helps to keep the air moving and can help you to feel a lot cooler and more comfortable. Also, make sure you have a door or window open to improve airflow- otherwise your fan is just moving around the same air all night.

You can also place some ice cubes in front of the fan to intensify the cooling.

Sleep downstairs

If your bedroom is on the top floor and it’s a particularly hot night, try sleeping downstairs or in the basement instead. As we know, heat rises, and the lower level of your home can provide some cooling relief.

Sleep on cotton

While silk or sateen sheets can feel nice, they’re not very breathable and aren’t great for sleeping on. Instead, opt for cotton, which is much more breathable and will help to keep you from overheating and sweating at night.

Avoid spicy, heavy meals

Choose your dinner and evening snacks wisely- heavy, spicy meals can heat you up from the inside and will make sleeping even more difficult. Instead, choose fresh and light meals in the evening.