How to Style Neutrals

How to Style Neutrals

We all love the neutral look but sometimes what might look soft and inviting in theory can end up looking dull and bland in practice. Creating the perfect neutral room is about more than just choosing all white everything, and in this post, we’re sharing tips on how to create the perfect neutral style!


Mix up your shades

Neutral doesn’t have to mean all one color or shade, and one of the best ways to master the neutral look is too mix together a variety of complimentary neutral shades. In a bedroom for example, we love pairing together a combo of our white, cream, and sand bedding, to create a soft, natural, yet unique look. For example, a sand fitted sheet paired with a white duvet cover and white and cream pillow shams adds the perfect bit of variety while keeping the look really soft and neutral.

In the living room, try ivory throws on a white couch, or a sand jute rug under cream armchairs. Neutrals may seem basic at first, but there are actually so many fun shades to play around with and mix and match.

Use texture

Another great way to keep your neutrals from looking bland is to play up texture. Without texture, a neutral room can look two dimensional and flat, and adding in different kinds of materials can make the room much more interesting and appealing.

Things like an embroidered pillow, and knit throw, cement planters, or a tufted rug are all simple and stylish ways to mix texture into your space.

Add a few pops of color

While a completely neutral room can be a gorgeous look, most rooms do well with at least a few pops of color. If you do want to stick to a neutral look, add in your color in smaller décor items, and keep the main items (like furniture and wall colors) in your neutral shades.

Colorful pops can come in through things like houseplants, planters, coffee table books, wall art, throw pillows, throw blankets, photographs, and lamps, just to name a few.

Stick with a color pallet

Rather than adding in your color at random, choose a simple color pallet of 2-3 complimentary shades and focus your accessories on these colors. This will help to create a more cohesive look rather than just a mishmash of random colors.

The colors you choose will help to create the look you’re going for. For example, if you want a boho look, stick with colors like terracotta, green (lots of plants!), and soft purple or pink. If you’d prefer a coastal look, try blues and greens, and a more modern look will be complimented by blacks and metals.

Most importantly, go with colors that you love- take notice of your favorite décor items and the things you tend to gravitate to in stores. They’re likely all of a similar color pattern, so that’s the perfect place to start!


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