How to Transition Your Bed for Spring

How to Transition Your Bed for Spring

Spring has officially sprung, and as the weather (finally!) begins to warm up, it’s nice to swap out your winter bedding for something a little lighter and fresher. It’s time to pack away your heavy comforters and layers and transition your bed for spring, and we’re showing you exactly how to do it in today’s blog post!


Switch up your comforter

Probably the most important switch to make when your changing your bedding for the season is your comforter. A heavy comforter is great for keeping you warm and cozy during the winter, but this will likely be too warm for the spring and summer. Swap out your winter comforter for a lighter version, like our lightweight organic cotton duvet or our spring/summer wool duvet, to stay comfortable and cool.

Flip your mattress

It’s generally recommended that you flip your mattress every 3-6 months, and a great way to remember to do it is to flip it when you’re switching up your bedding for the season. Flipping your mattress will help to reduce wear and tear and will keep your mattress from developing any major indentations.

Lighten up

During the winter, we love using darker sheets to give our bedroom a cozier feel, but once the spring comes around, we want everything to be light and bright! If you typically use darker sheets, try switching it up for spring with a white or cream set instead. Or add a pop of color to your room with one of our printed duvet sets.

Mix it up with throw pillows

Another way to switch up your bedroom décor for spring is by mixing up your throw pillows. Add in a pop of color or florals with one of our handmade decorative pillows.

Layer lighter

While winter may call for extra layers, you’ll want to lighten up on the blankets and throws for spring. But, that doesn’t mean you need to get rid of the layers altogether- we love adding in one of our organic cotton chunky knit throws year round. They are cozy enough to snuggle up in during the winter, and light enough to add a cute decorative layer for spring and summer.

If you live somewhere particularly warm, you may want to add a flat sheet to your bed as well and use this in place of a comforter on those really warm nights. Even when it’s hot, most people don’t like going without a blanket altogether, so using a light sheet in place of a comforter is a great alternative that will keep you comfy and cool.

Choose hypoallergenic materials

If you’re prone to seasonal allergies, spring can cause a lot of flare ups and reactions. While the right bedding can’t protect you from outdoor allergens, it can help to minimize the number of allergens you’re exposed to indoors. While some down products can irritate allergies, all of our down alternative and wool comforters and pillows are hypoallergenic, so you can sleep easy. 

Get your bed ready for spring with our complete collection of organic bedding.

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