How to Turn Your Bathroom into an Oasis

How to Turn Your Bathroom into an Oasis

Most of us give our bathrooms little to no thought when it comes to decorating, and we save our décor efforts for larger and more public rooms like the bedrooms, kitchen, and living room, but we believe this is a major wasted opportunity! Unlike many rooms in the home, bathrooms don’t require a lot of work or expensive furniture, so decorating and setting a mood for the room is simple but has a big impact.

 In just a few easy steps, you can create a spa-like experience for yourself right at home and turn your bathroom into your own personal oasis.

Incorporate essential oils

Scent is such a powerful sense, and the right smells can instantly bring on a feeling of peace and calm, especially when you’re using essential oils. Essential oils have the added benefit of having a true physiological effect on your body and can help to alleviate stress and anxiety, boost your immune system, help with congestion, and so much more.

There are lots of different ways to use essential oils in the bathroom, but one of our favorite ways is to splash a few drops on the shower wall before taking a shower- the steam from your shower combined with the oils will leave you feeling like you’re in a spa steam room, and it’s a super simple way to enjoy some luxury in your day. Try oils like eucalyptus, peppermint or citrus for an energizing boost, or a soothing oil like lavender to help you unwind at night.

Decorate with natural materials

Natural materials bring an air of quality and calm to a space that you just don’t get from synthetic fabrics. Our sateen cotton shower curtains are water repellent treated, so they can be used without a shower curtain liner. The high-quality material of the curtain without the usual plastic liner creates a simple yet elegant look in the bathroom.


If your countertops, drawers, and shower are crammed full of products and personal items, your bathroom is going to feel more hectic than zen. To create a calm atmosphere, it’s important to clear away and minimize clutter. Go through your bathroom and get rid of any empty shampoo bottles, expired medicine, products you’ll never use, etc. and leave only the items you use or really love. You’ll not only have an easier time finding what you need, but your space will feel so much more serene.

Light candles

Even your everyday shower can feel luxurious if you swap out your overhead light for the soft glow of candles. Choose non-toxic candles like 100% soy or beeswax and light them for a truly relaxing shower experience.

Try a DIY body product

Now that you have the perfect spa-like bathroom, why not treat yourself to a spa treatment! You can whip up a simple body scrub, face mask, or bath soak and give yourself a little pampering with ingredients right from your kitchen.

For a decadent body scrub, mix together coffee grinds and a little bit of oil or honey and table salt. You can make a hydrating face mask by applying some mashed avocado to your face and enjoy a relaxing bath soak by pouring ½ cup each of baking soda and Epsom salts into your tub. Who needs a spa when you have all of this?

To start creating your own personal bathroom oasis, check out our selection of sateen cotton shower curtains here.

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