Jute vs Sisal: Which Natural Rug is right for me?

Natural rugs have long been the favorite of designers. There is something mystical about their earthy textures which lend a relaxed and easy vibe to any room. It makes for a great purchase from a practical perspective as well owing to its highly durable properties. With infinite variants available on the market choosing that perfect woollen rug or the best-suited sisal mat might prove challenging. While going for natural rugs, it is best to go for Jute or Sisal although there is a wide assortment of woollen rugs available as well which might go very well with your eco-friendly home décor. A few key things to keep in mind while shopping for a natural rug, are usage and placement. If you are going to be using the rug just to sit and relax, then you might not want to go for a weave which is scratchy. Instead, you should maybe take a look at products like our Powerloom Tiger Eye Maize Sisal rug. In addition to being meticulously crafted by hand, it is highly durable and perfect for high-traffic areas of your home. Along with an anti-skid surface, it is further backed with latex for extra protection. You might even prefer the Boucle coffee brown sisal wool rug which has a blend of sisal and wool making it highly durable. Machine made in India, its intriguing patterns and chic finish make for a captivating look. Our advice would be to go for such sisal varieties if you need floor mats for house areas like the foyer, hallways and family rooms. On the other hand, if you are looking to purchase natural rugs for medium to low traffic areas then Jute would be the best bet.


We feel that jute is perfect amongst its imperfections. If you know and understand placement then a natural rug made of jute can be the best addition to your home areas, albeit the low to medium traffic ones. The material's texture lends an earthy vibe to your room and can be dyed in different colors. Owing to the fact that jute is farmed from the plant's stalk it is soft like wool which makes it the best choice for areas which are seldom used. A good choice would be to go for our hand- boucle sand jute rug which gives a relaxed tone to your room. It is handmade in India from 100% natural fibers and is quite durable for a jute rug. Clean it easily with just some mild detergent and water which ensures a long life for your rug. In conclusion, be it sisal or jute they are both excellent in lending relaxing tones to your home décor and if placed at the correct areas of the house can be a marvellous addition to your personal space.