Organic Cotton vs  Conventional Fabrics

Organic Cotton vs Conventional Fabrics

Look into the mirror and you will probably find someone wearing the most harmful crop on the planet. With nearly 26 million tonnes in production every year the humble cotton plant is one of the top GMO crops worldwide. What's disappointing is that more than 90% of the global cotton production industry is conventionally grown with very few manufacturers using GOTS certified cotton. Traditional practices involve the spraying of the worst pesticides onto the cotton crop which involves poison like Bayer's aldicarb and Monsanto's glyphosate. The latter being a human carcinogen it's absolutely scary to see little to nothing being done to control its usage. That is why all our fabrics are made from GOTS certified cotton. Long staple cotton is grown on carbon farmed land and no harmful pesticides are used on the crops. This ensures that the cotton sheets you buy are 100% organic. Our wide range of organic cotton duvets is something we are truly proud of and it gives us immense pleasure to introduce them to you as well.
A1HC shop is committed to selling eco-friendly and GOTS certified fabrics only. We specialise in offering our customers with the most natural bedding accessories which protects the producers, environment, and yourself as well because conventional cotton can have many chemical residues on them which slowly soak into your skin and can cause allergies.

If you are interested in floral printed organic bedding, then you might want to check out our Madras organic duvet set. With its prints being digitally printed there are no artificial dyes or chemicals which come into contact with your skin. All our duvet sets come in both King and Queen size and are wrinkle resistant. Unlike conventional fabrics, our organic cotton duvets and bedding accessories don’t lose their sheen after just a couple of washes and are the best in the market.

If you want to make an actual change, and support a better future, then the best place to start is with small changes which make your lifestyle more wholesome. Switching to organic cotton is one small such step. It’s strong, durable, and will biodegrade once you are done using it, so you can feel really happy about what you adorn your bedding with.

There you go! Those were few of our reasons behind choosing only GOTS certified cotton for your bed sheets and duvets which are available online on A1HC shop.
Don’t wait any longer! Make a positive change today and go for organic bedding over conventionally sourced ones!

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