Pillow talk: how to find  The right one for you

Pillow talk: how to find The right one for you

Did you know that you spend nearly one-third of your life sleeping? So why not spend those years trying to achieve the best slumber possible? There’s plenty of research pointing towards the importance of proper REM sleep and the right pillow can go a long way. When it comes to picking the best-suited pillow, you may not know where to start. Read on to know exactly where and how to choose the perfect one!
There are various kinds of pillows like the memory foam pillow, down alternative pillow and Tencel pillows which are good for your neck and spine. Keeping your posture correct they align your spine, so you don’t suffer from neck problems later on in your life. The wrong pillow can spell disaster and by the time you identify the issue, it might already be too late.
Our down pillows are double-layered with 100% white duck filling while the inner layers are crafted with O’lOFT shredded memory foam. The covers themselves are made from GOTS certified organic cotton which does away with harmful chemicals and dyes. This particular variant comes with two pillows with the outer pillow and a smaller pillow inside, which allows

pillow cover

you to adjust the height and loftiness as per your comfort and need. Just add or remove the inner pillow to suit your preference, which makes the pillow multi-functional. The inner pillow can also be used as a kid’s pillow and is the best pillow if you want to avoid neck problems in the future. Another way to select a good pillow is from a health and hygiene perspective. Everything isn’t about just posture, and pillows which can be washed easily are a homerun in that aspect. Our adjustable shredded memory foam gusset pillow is made from Certipur-US certified memory foam which makes it clean and completely safe to use. The Gusset provides more area and enhances your comfort

while you sleep. The cover of the pillow is easily removable because of the zipper which comes with it and is machine washable. With two-inch gussets made with mesh, the filling has more space to move around which makes this particular variant consistently comfortable no matter what your sleep posture is.
The last but not the least thing to consider when researching a good pillow is your sleeping style. If you are someone who likes to sleep on your side, you might want to be looking at our products which are mouldable enough to re-adjust. If you prefer lying on your stomach it’s better that you go for our more breathable variants like the gel coated contour memory foam pillow.
In conclusion, selecting the perfect pillow can be the key difference between sleep deprivation and genuine rest. When it comes to a pillow that matches your style and needs, start by figuring out your posture and what changes you feel are essential to demand an upgrade.
It’s your slumber and your body. Make the most of your sleep by finding a pillow which is perfect for you!

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