Responsible Down Standard  & Why We Should Care

Responsible Down Standard & Why We Should Care

We feel words are inadequate to describe the feeling of your head hitting a soft pillow. It provides you with an inexplicable sense of comfort which gently puts you to sleep, recharging you to take on the drudgeries of everyday life. Well, you can thank down, as there is a pretty high chance that the pillow is filled with the stuff. Generally found in fluffy coats, comforters, and pillows, the material is well-known for its insulative properties and comfort level. In addition, it's so light that it literally feels like woven air.
So, what is down? Where does it come from?
A simple search on Google will tell you that down is the name given to the feathers sourced mainly from waterfowls like ducks and geese. It's actually much more than that. Good quality down comes not from the outer feather coat of the birds but from the plumage beneath the feathers, next to the fowl's skin. It is softer, fluffier and gives the best results when made into pillows and coats.

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What exactly is the issue?
The debate with down revolves around the fact that it is only sourced from ducks and geese which are being reared for meat, and oftentimes the birds are treated in inhumane ways. In fact, most of the waterfowl raised for meat are subjected to a practice called live-plucking which involves the removal of its plumage while the bird is still alive. Horrifying as it may sound, things are now slowly changing.
With increased awareness among consumers and manufacturers alike, the Responsible Down Standards (RDS) was created. Having this standard ensures that no animals were subjected to cruel or

inhumane treatment. In fact, some manufacturers refuse to work with non-RDS certified down which is a small step for the industry but a giant leap for humanity.
With responsible down standard pillows which are stuffed with sterilized hypoallergenic fine feathers, you can still enjoy the simple pleasures of a soft pillow or a cozy warm coat. In fact, here are a few tenets about the responsible down standard which you might find interesting –Any removal of down and feathers from live birds is prohibited
Force-feeding is prohibited to source wither feathers, down or meat
Each stage in the supply chain is audited by a third-party certification body
You will find the RDS stamp on only 100% certified down and feathers
RDS products are tracked separately throughout the production cycle to prevent contamination with non-RDS certified products
Let's be honest. You are here because you care. We understand and empathize with that, which is why our GOTS certified organic cotton pillows are created according to RDS. Your sound sleep is our responsibility and rest assured it's not at the cost of a terrified flailing bird.



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