What does it mean to be GOTS ceritified?

We love the satisfaction of curling into a nice cozy bed and are no strangers to the warmth of a good slumber when aided by soft bedsheets. That's why we only bring you soft GOTS certified organic cotton sheets with only the highest standards kept in mind. We understand the trust and faith that our customers place in us. That is why to ensure that our products always maintain that eclectic standard, we decided to pursue a global organic textile standard certification, which we achieved sometime back. So, what does it mean to create GOTS certified yarn? There are various parameters which are considered for the certification—from the materials we use to the way we treat our cotton yarn manufacturers, everything we do here at A1HC is to ensure our customers are never disappointed. The GOTS certification has been recognized as the world standard for processing textiles from long-staple organic cotton. The standard ensures that the crop is grown organically with no usage of pesticides like neonicotinoids and only socially responsible manufacturing methods to harvest are employed. A few important parameters we fulfill in order to retain the GOTS tag –

• Our textiles are at least 95% organic in origin and free from toxic chemicals used in some conventional textile processing, like formaldehyde, heavy metals, and brominated flame retardants.
• Dyes are naturally derived, and our finishing methods don’t pose risks to workers.
• Our environmental policies and procedures are designed to monitor and improve the performance of our facilities.

Throughout the journey of the cotton plant, the A1HC family ensures that the purity remains unglazed. From growing the crop in ample sunshine to harvesting it through socially responsible methods, we strive for a standard which will make your experience all the more relaxing. With no pesticides or man-made fertilizers, we use fibers which are free of toxins, chemical-free fertile soil, and carbon dioxide is retained into the soil which helps combat climate change as well. So, when you purchase our cotton wrinkle-free bedsheet sets or go for the duvet sets, they are all organic and environment-friendly. With varied product lines across home décor, you can check out our linen drapes and cotton throw pillows which have been garnering accolades from our customers. These products have been created with the longest staples available in organic cotton which say a lot about their quality as longer the staple used the better will be the end product. Our sheet sets include a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases which are 100% GOTS certified. This ensures that our organic bedsheets don’t irritate your skin and give you a relaxing slumber. Furthermore, our sheets are made from 300TC fine cotton which ensures that the resulting fabric is soft, smooth and silky. Designed to outperform other bedsheet sets in the market, the super-soft 100% organic cotton sheets are wrinkle resistant and can be cared for quite easily!