Why Climate beneficial wool?

Why Climate beneficial wool?

Sleep is such a precious thing, wouldn't you agree? 

That's why we take it quite seriously! Did you know that we are the only species to willingly delay sleep? Astounding isn't it? With increasingly erratic work schedules accompanied with even higher levels of stress, our sleep cycles have gone for a toss and we understand the sentiment quite well. We firmly believe that your bedroom is much more than a space you rest in. It's your personal environment. A place where you seek comfort after a hard day's work or that tiring business trip. We design our products to enhance this level of comfort, keeping in mind the styles you would love. A corner of your home which is safe, comforting and sourced with 100% climate beneficial methods.

So, what's the catch?
None! When we say it's climate beneficial wool, we don't just mean our pure wool duvets are organic. The wool is sourced from sheep which graze on lush green pastures farmed through climate beneficial methods or carbon farming. This ensures highly durable and versatile climate beneficial wool because at the end of the day nature can be rewarding too if we give back as much as we take. With methods designed to strengthen the soil and help retain its carbon content, the grass on which the animals feed on are safe and don't add any harmful unnatural contaminants into their systems. This leads to the softest wool imaginable, retaining its durability while

ensuring the production of only the best bedsheets and covers. A piece of the environmental solution right there in your bedroom.
It's not just our wool. Every single fiber which goes into creating your unique space has been sourced through environment-friendly methods and is a carbon negative product. From farming to production, until it reaches your bedroom, we ensure that no mark is left on the environment because of it.Our goal is to continue discovering innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible while ensuring carbon negative products of only the highest quality. We strive to integrate our values into what we do, so customers feel safe and satisfied. There is a movement of farmers and manufacturers who have a different bent of mind. A different way to do things. To give a little more than they take. We are proud and highly pleased to work with such partners to get you the experience you deserve while ensuring all the natural beauty survives to be appreciated by our future generations.

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