Wool Pillow Features

  • COMFORT:  Eliminate the overheating and night sweats common with down, feather and synthetic fills and foam. This pillow is quilted with 100% New Zealand wool. The inner pillow may be removed from the outer case achieving the desired loft, optimal comfort and relaxation.
  • COVER: The thoughtfully designed quilted outer-case is made from certified organic cotton quilted with “woolly puffs” creating the sensation of muscles relaxing, joints releasing tension.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR COMFORT: Our adjustable 3 in 1 pillow comes with three inner pillows; there is an outer pillow and a three small inner pillow inside, which allows you to adjust the height and loftiness as per your comfort and need; just add or remove the inner pillow to suit your preference. The pillow customizable and multi-functional. The inner pillows can also be used as a Travel/Kids pillow.
  • INNER PILLOWS: The Pillows comes with 3 Inner pillows which can be removed as per your requirement so that you can adjust the pillow to your optimum comfort .The shell of the inner pillows are incased in 100% Organic Cotton and are filled with down alternative microfiber fill 200g, 300g and 600g. If you prefer High Loft do not remove the inner pillows, for medium loft remove one and for Low Loft remove 2. The Inner pillows can be used as toddler pillows.
  • COVERED IN 100% ORGANIC COTTON LUXURY: Enclosed in the softest premium quality GOTS certified 100% organic cotton which means no harmful chemicals or dyes were used during the manufacturing of this fabric. It is completely safe for your face. The pillow fabric is light and breathable.
  • GUSSET & ZIPPER: The pillow has a 2-inch gusset for extra comfort with handmade grey satin piping all around & a hidden zipper at one long & one short side for easy use.