10 Smoothie Recipes to Start Your Day off Right

Easy, delicious, and healthy, smoothies are the perfect breakfast food, especially for those days when you’re running late (because morning routines don’t always go as planned!) or want to trade breakfast prep for a few extra minutes in bed.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite smoothies to help you start your day off right. Smoothies recipes are so easy to adjust, so feel free to play around and omit or add whatever you like! You can also turn your smoothies into a heartier meal by making them into smoothie bowls. Just use less liquid, pour into a bowl, and add toppings (fruit, nuts, seeds, coconut, cacao nibs- the options are endless!).


Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Smoothie

Enjoy all of the flavor of a delicious cinnamon roll in blended form with I Heart Nap Time’s sweet and satisfying smoothie. Rolled oats and greek yogurt will fill you up and keep you full, while coconut sugar and cinnamon create the perfect sweetness.

See the recipe here.

Lemon Smoothie

Put a little zing in your step with this tasty lemon smoothie by Foxes Love Lemons. Smooth, creamy, and citrusy, it’s guaranteed to satisfy you and get you energized in the morning!

See the recipe here.

Peach Cobbler Smoothie

Another favorite treat in smoothie form! Get a taste of summer any morning with this delightful Peach Cobbler smoothie from The Baker Upstairs. It’s sweet peachy goodness in a glass.

See the recipe here.

Banana Coffee Smoothie

When you need a little extra kick in the morning, this Banana Coffee smoothie from Cook from Home Mom is just the ticket. Made with coconut milk and cold brew, it’s like a healthy iced latte!

See the recipe here.

Matcha Green Tea Smoothie

Another great smoothie for those days you need a little more energy in the morning. This smoothie from Choosing Chia takes things up a notch with the goodness of matcha powder.

See the recipe here.

Watermelon Coconut Lime Ice Smoothies

Perfect for hot summer days, it doesn’t get much more refreshing than these Watermelon Coconut Lime Ice smoothies from Mom Advice- the name really speaks for itself!

See the recipe here.

Keto Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie

Followers of the Keto diet will love this fat focused, creamy cheesecake smoothie from Keto Millenial. Packed with cream cheese and heavy cream, it basically is a cheesecake liquified.

See the recipe here.

Easy Watermelon Smoothie

Another smoothie recipe, but this time a little more creamy than zesty. Banana, coconut milk, and strawberry pair with the watermelon for a smooth and tasty treat.

See the recipe here.

Pina Colada Smoothie

Add a little taste of the tropics to your mornings with this heavenly pina colada smoothie from Meal Plan Addict. Banana, Pineapple, and coconut combine to create a vacation worthy smoothie.

See the recipe here.

White Chocolate Coconut Cashew Hot Smoothie

Sometimes, you need something warm in the morning and a cold smoothie just isn’t going to cut it. For those times, there is nothing more satisfying than Craftberry Bush’s white chocolate hot smoothie. Our tip? Make extras because you’ll definitely be wanting seconds of this one!

See the recipe here.