Décor Talk with Allison of @hestershomestead

Décor Talk with Allison of @hestershomestead

We’re back with our second installment of our Décor Talk interview series! We’ve had so much fun getting to chat with some of our favorite influencers and decorators about their inspiration and décor tips, and this week we got the opportunity to chat with Allison of @hestershomestead.

We are long-time fans of Allison’s gorgeous work, and her house is quite simply our dream home!

Hi Allison! Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born and raised here in Portland, TN and married my high school sweetheart. I grew up in my dad's family home, across the street from my husband's grandparents. We've known each other forever, it seems. Eric and I are both realtors and we both work full time jobs elsewhere. I'm an instructional Coach- basically I just support teachers with instruction and try to grow them in their teaching craft. We have two boys, Will- 15, Henry- 10. I like to do boy things with my family, like riding through our creek on ATVs, but I'm also a girly girl, and decor, thrifting, rearranging is my outlet. 

How would you describe your décor style?

My decor style is a little bit of everything. I truly love all kinds of styles and can't stick to just one, so I try to just incorporate all that I love. Thrifted items, mixing old and new, mid-century modern, farmhouse, boho, minimalist... I love it all. My favorite way to decorate is on a budget. I don't typically feel good about spending a lot of money on decor.

Where does your décor inspo come from?

I would say I got my love for decorating from my Aunt Kay. I grew up next door to her, another family home. It's much older and is filled with treasures from family, travels, and art they've collected along the way. I've always LOVED homes and dreamt of mine, even from the time I was little. My newest inspiration probably comes from sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, etc. I love the minimalist look, but I'm sentimental and like to decorate with meaning, so I try to find a balance.

What are your home décor essentials?

Plants! If you don't have anything pretty, just yet, at least have plants. After that, it would be 2. a good paint color, 3. rugs, 4. pillows with texture.

Any décor tips you can share for someone wanted to refresh their space?

The power of paint is quite amazing. Don't underestimate what painting a room or piece of furniture can do. Also, it takes time. You won't get it right the first time, if you're anything like me, so just keep moving things until it feels right. Most of the time things don't feel right is because the items you have aren't balanced. Just keep trying. Also, hang your wall art at eye level. This is huge!

Describe your perfect Saturday?

My perfect Saturday is pretty simple. Coffee + read my Bible quietly, then family time and good food. We love getting in the creek, so if the weather is right, it would involve a trip to the creek. My perfect Sunday on a cold day would also involve a fire! I’d watch the boys ride dirt bikes while sitting around the fire! ;) Staying close to home is my favorite kind of Saturday.

Any dream home upgrades or renos?

We are planning on adding a pool. Yikes! Also, one day maybe a carport. If I was dreaming BIG, I'd love to have the most adorable outdoor space for a garden (my Aunt Kay's is amazing) with a greenhouse, fire pit, etc. 

Anything else you’d like to add?

I think as long as you love your home, you've done it right. Don't compare your home to those on Pinterest or Instagram. Just take inspiration from them and create a home you love waking up in each day. My home is a HUGE blessing and I've been guilty of the comparison game. That's dumb. Don't do that!

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Allison has our white chunky knit throw and our New Zealand wool pillows.

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