Upgrade Your Bed with Sustainable Bedding

Upgrade Your Bed with Sustainable Bedding

Have you been thinking of making the switch to organic bedding? Choosing organic and other sustainable materials for your home is a great way to support both your own health and the health and wellbeing of the planet, and it’s probably a lot more affordable than you think.


As more and more consumers become aware of the importance of switching to sustainable materials (check out our post on the benefits of organic cotton here), the market has been able to grow, and products are now more affordable than they were even a few years ago. Better yet? You don’t need to switch everything at once.

At A1HC, we have a wide selection of organic bedding products, and rather than upgrading everything at the same time, we recommend making small gradual switches and working within your budget. When one of your bedding items is wearing out and you’re ready to buy another, opt for an organic option.

Ready to start making some swaps? Keep reading for details on our full selection of organic cotton bedding.

Organic cotton bedsheets

This is the switch that most people make first, and it’s a great one to make since your bedding covers your entire bed, and it’s what you come into contact with most. All of our organic cotton sheets are GOTS certified and come in reusable organic cotton cloth bags- no plastic packaging here!

We offer everything from full bedding bundles, which come with a fitted sheet, duvet cover, pillowcases, and pillow shams, to separates, so you can choose exactly what you need and not may for anything you don’t. Our sheets are not only organic but are as soft as it gets, so get ready for ultra-comfort.


Having the right pillow is one of the most important parts of getting a good night’s sleep. Sleeping on the wrong pillow will leave you with a sore neck or just a restless sleep, and there’s nothing like laying your head down on the perfect pillow.

Our pillows are made from a variety of materials including organic cotton, New Zealand wool, responsibly sourced down, and down alternative. Check out our pillow selection to find your perfect fit.

Organic cotton duvets and comforters

Get cozy all year round with our range of organic cotton duvets and comforters. Made from organic cotton, New Zealand wool, and down alternative, our comforters come in a variety of fills, so you can choose the right level of warmth for you.

Need help choosing your perfect comforter? Check out our guide here.

Organic cotton mattress pads

Our organic cotton mattress pads are a great way to add an extra layer of comfort to your bed, and if you aren’t using an organic mattress, they can provide a clean, chemical free buffer between you and your mattress.

Wrapped in a 100% organic cotton shell, our plush siliconized microfiber filled mattress pad provides you with the comfiest sleep experience.

Organic cotton throw blankets

Finish things off with one of our organic cotton throw blankets for that extra layer of coziness and style.

All of our bedding comes with a 30 day risk-free trial and free shipping and returns.

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